The Florez Family

Can I just say how much fun we had with this sweet family.  We met them at Glenn Hilton Park and got started right away.  The light was perfect and the air had a slight wintery chill to get everyone in the mood for the holidays. 

We recently purchased a new camera (Cannon Rebel T5i) and I (Gabby) was so excited to get shooting ;) lol.  We started off with just some simple family shots and moved on to the fun! Their youngest Josiah (hope spelling is right!) wanted the family to reach for the stars.  Ok but really, these people can jump.  I think mom and dad got more air then their kids! 

After we strolled over to a nice bridge and got a great family shot (MY FAVORITE :) we then headed over to some really festive green trees that very much resembled Christmas trees.

So I pictured this in my head to be a lot different.  We brought some ornaments, which I have had since forever and planned to hang them on the tree and "decorate" the trees so to speak.  The end result was, well interesting.  I was a little concerned we wouldnt get the look I was imagining, but this family totally blew me away.  The seemed to have fun just trying to get the ornaments to just stay on the tree; it was so much fun to see how they worked together :) After all was hung and done ;) it made for a pretty surprising background and the light was just right.  

Afterwards Boyd took mom and dad and I snagged the kids to get some pretty fun sibling shots.  They both loved to laugh and I loved capturing it :)

We finished up with a few more family shots before the sun started setting and called it an evening.  We really enjoyed spending time with the Florez family.  Its what we strive for.  Not just surface interactions but real relationships with real people.