Paula & Tod


We had the wonderful opportunity to shoot an engagement session with Paula & Tod. We’ll have the fantastic opportunity to photograph their big day later in May! (we’re excited!)

We went to Glenn Hilton park in Hickory in the evening, just before the light was perfect. We wanted to get there a little early to be sure we could scout out some good locations ahead of time to help the shoot flow better. It was a bit breezy, but the weather was otherwise lovely.

For an engagement session, we’re really trying to capture moments that really show how in-love the couple is just before their big day. Every couple is different of course, so it takes some observation to find those little expressions and quirks each has. Those are the moments to remember and the real expressions which really show who the lovebirds are, not just what they look like.


For a shoot like this, past the moments, it’s all about the light. We were shooting during the “golden hour” and using only natural light. Golden hour is the hour just after sun up and just before sundown, and it is some of the most beautiful light for pictures. It provides some great contrasty light and makes colors and skin tones glow. We had the good fortune to have just a hint of cloud cover which softened the light beautifully early on when it would have otherwise been a bit harsh still.

We ended up using some props for this particular shoot. We made some small chalk boards from a piece of plywood and some handy chalkboard paint. They ended up working pretty well for showing text that was meaningful to the couple. While we aren’t really big on using props usually, if it creates a meaningful memory for the clients, it’s totally worth it. At the end of the day, for a shoot like this, making those memories to look back on years from now is really what it’s all about. The engagement period is a wonderful, beautiful time in any couple’s relationship, and it’s so wonderful to be able to provide a couple like Paula & Tod some photos they can look back on to recall this exciting time at the start of their life together.