Jayda, Corey, Dalton, & Lane

We had the privilege to photograph these nifty people on the 27th. We went to the lovely Mosteller Mansion, right around “Golden Hour.” We love shooting around then (the hour just before sunset or just before sunrise): the light is just gorgeous. The mansion was a great location too with lots of very ornate architectural details which made for some classy photo elements. The grounds were beautiful and well-kept, offering lots of great backgrounds and settings. The operators host weddings and other events there (maybe we’ll get to shoot a wedding there someday!).

Jayda, Corey, Lane, & Dalton were ready to have some fun. They were immediately willing to jump on board with some of the ideas we’d prepared, and of course the ideas that spring to mind during shooting (Gabby had the brilliant idea to capture the kids blowing some dandelion seeds). Dalton might be a junior photographer in the making: he had several good ideas that ended up as keeper images. It’s always lots of fun having the subjects get involved like that.

We love shooting portrait sessions like this. We’ve yet to have a client who wasn’t a joy to work with. One of the most rewarding parts of the job is handing over the prints or CD of images, knowing that the client now has some images that will probably be very important for many many years. Life is extremely unpredictable, so having those memories as an image is priceless and will only grow in significance over time. Being a part of that is an enormous privilege.