A headshot is a portrait photo that very simply shows the person. Most of all, what the person looks like, but past that, a good headshot brings out the personality and lets the character shine through. We like to keep ours very clean and simple with technical excellence. We usually like to go with a crisp white background. It's nice and simple, keeps distractions to a minimum, and really lets the subject be the focus. We want the lighting on the subject to gently bring out the character of the subject. We don't want the light to be too harsh and show every pore, but we don't want the light to be too flat and lose all dimensionality either. It's a fine balance, but the results when it's right are fantastic. 

Need a headshot for your business, acting portfolio, website, etc? Get in touch and we'll set up an appointment. 

Special thanks to Darelle for this headshot for his acting portfolio.