Mow-aige, Mow-aige, Mow-aige/If you like it than you should'a put a ring on it!

First of all "The Princess Bride" was a very strange movie.  Maybe its just me, but I didn't really find it as funny as everyone else.  Although I love the fact that the main character later plays 2 villains, one in "Ella Enchanted" and the other in the TV show "Psych." And you are pretty cool in my book if you know who both of them are.

Ok so the photo I am posting today comes from my wedding actually.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out what theme I wanted for my wedding or types of decorations.  Some how my best friend and I came up the the idea of a scrapbook wedding theme.  We hit up every place we could think of to collect stickers and poster board.  It was so much fun decoration each square with a verse that was special to Boyd and I. 

This one in particular being a very known verse for what it means to be married.  

Marriage is not garunteed nor is it required to do the will of the Father, but even from the beginning we can see how God felt about marriage.

If you find yourself married ENJOY it! God didn't create marriage for you to be miserable.  And if you are not married, guess what? ENJOY that too! 

Too often we get stuck in the vicious cycle of the "american dream."  We keep wanting more and more, but its only through Christ can we truly be satisfied. Never try and tell yourself, "well as soon as I am: married, have a house, have children, have a great job etc... I'll be happy," Well let me break it to ya' no you won't.  If you keep trying to put your worth your desires and hopes in materialistic things you will never be happy.  

Enjoy the life Christ has given you were you are.  Doesn't matter if you are married or single.  God has clear instructions in His word about how we should be living either way.  

SO embrace your marriage and Embrace your singleness.  Give it all you've got and watch God work.  Fine your joy in Christ and share that with others.  

Thats our purpose.

Thats what we should live for.