Art and The Artist

We live on a beautiful planet. It's placed perfectly distant from the sun so it's not too hot and not too cold. Life flourishes on this big hunk of rock, though the rock itself has countless secrets and beauty. I feel like growing up I always got more the scientific approach to creation. To be fair, I love science and discovering how things work and interact, but looking at it recently, creation has all the qualities of a masterful work of art. 

Art can be defined as an expressive work (often requiring great skill and consideration to produce) which incites an emotive response and often conveys a specific message. Looking at creation, it is a wonderfully expressive work of our God which was masterfully considered and constructed. It absolutely produces an emotional response with its beauty and vastness (gorgeous sunset or dramatic landscape anyone?). And it definitely has a specific message. It just so happens to be the message we, as part of that creation, were designed to carry as well: God is glorious and holy! 

That is why we are compelled to use the creativity He's given us. That's why we seek to honor Him with every photo we capture. He is the Great Artist and we, with the honor of being created in His image, have the privilege of using our art for His glory. 

Psalm 96