So what is Lifestyle Photography anyway?

Gabby and I shoot what's called "lifestyle" photography. Really it's something we more fell into than something we specifically meant to do. We both value real moments and genuine expressions in our work more than strict poses or elaborate setups. There's absolutely a place for both (one of the great things about photography and art in general), but for us, it's the real stuff. 

So what is lifestyle photography anyway? Generally speaking, it's finding the beauty in the every day, the magic in the real moments. It's coaxing out genuine emotion from our subjects. 

Have you ever noticed that you can tell when someone is "smiling" and when someone is really smiling? It turns out that it's very difficult to fake a genuine smile. For us, we want to be sure that our clients have fun on a photoshoot. It's a lot more fun to look back on, and it brings out real emotions, and that means real smiles.