Congratulations Abigail!

When we got the Facebook message to take pictures for Abigail, we were super excited! Abigail currently is dating a pretty awesome guy that Boyd and I have known since 2009.

Stephen Thomas.

A guy we are so in awe of when we see his dedication to the Lord. So we knew Abigail had to be pretty amazing too. 

And she was. 

She is graduating from Wingate University this year, May 2016. We had never been to Wingate University before, but we were in awe of how beautiful the campus was.  

We started off by taking pictures of where Abigail "lives." Her plans after college are to continue studying embryology. So for her undergrad, she "lived" in the science building. 

Of course, we tried to get some pictures of her and Stephen to celebrate their relationship. They were both just so precious and we could not get over it. We love seeing couples that love the Lord! 

We pray that she can continue in her studies in what she loves and be able to share the Gospel with the gifts and talents God has given her. Congratulations Abigail! 



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