"Fresh Sessions?" What is that? Eww I don't want you in my labor room, but I want newborn pictures...What do I do??

Ok so longest title ever.


But seriously its what is probably going on in a 39 week prego mom's mind when deciding wether or not she wants to have birth pictures, first 24 hour pictures, none at all or all 3 lol.  

Allowing someone to come into your room whilst you are delivering a human watermelon isn't exactly what most people think is worth spending money on or even sane.  Honestly ask me before I had my daughter if I wanted birth Photography and I probably would have laughed, dead paned, and said NO.

Really when we first started our business birth photography wasn't really on my list of interested in photographing.

God really did a number in my heart to even consider it, but here is why I do it:

1. Though a child's birth is something imprinted in the mind and not easily forgotten, (I can tell you almost every detail of Zoey's birth honestly) I feel that sometimes a photo speaks louder than words. A photo can say things that words themselves cannot express.

2. There are moments that you are so excited about (example below your other children seeing their new sister for the first time) that you don't need to be enjoying on your phone trying to get a picture and celebrating at the same time. It is best done "in real time." It leaves you hands free and allows that memory to stick through interaction.

3. Whether it be "Birth photos" or "first 24 pictures" you won't regret having pictures of your childs "Firsts" first smile, first yawn, first throw up, first nursing experience, first crazy hair day etc... I still to this day LOVE going back and seeing old pictures of myself growing up. My mom has a collection of photos I am constantly asking her to look at so I can see how much I have changed and grown.

Those are just a few reasons why I do what I do.  I genuinely get REALLY excited when a mom asks me to do "Fresh sessions." Its such a beautiful display of God's hands at work. 

Sometimes I think its so easy to look at the stars and look and the ocean and go, "WOW God you made that how wonderful and beautiful!!" And don't get me wrong that is completely true, but how often to we look at people that way?  Or even ourselves? We are fearfully and wonderfully made (psalm 139:14).  Known by our Father before the foundation of the earth.  Cared for more than the birds. (Matt6:26).

God is *Elohim* the ultimate creator and artist of this earth.

And I want to share that raw beauty of birth whilst keeping the modestly of mom, dad, and baby intact.

I want to point all the Glory and praise back to God. Nothing in the pictures I (or we) take do we want any kind of praise for.  Our mission here on earth is to make disciples and bring God the most glory.  

Thats our life thats our purpose.....

To God be the Glory. 

-Gabby Johnson


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