Maternity on a mountain...

Jessica and I have been friends for so long I honestly don't know how many years its been.  We have been through so much life together and I was so excited  when she told me the news that she was pregnant with baby #2! Especially after she wasn't even suppose to have 1 child! God is good AMEN?!

Sweet Skylar will be here in just under a month! 

So Jessica and I had the "bright" idea of going to the top of Crowders Mountain to get some really fun maternity pictures. Well google lied to me...

What I thought was a 3 mile hike to the top and back ended up being almost 5!!! We didn't find this out until over half way there. And being the determined stubborn women we are, Jessica and I pushed on to the top of the mountain.

Despite all the stares from strangers, all the stops ;) and running out of water we made it safely to the top and WOW was it beautiful!

I am so blessed and honored to have a friend like Jessica.  I love like a sister, she might as well be :). God knew what He was doing when he made our paths cross.  I can't wait to see what the future hold for both of us!