"This or That Thursdays"

This or That Thursdays

    Hi internet world! Boyd and I (Gabby) would like to start a new blogging venture called, “This or That Thursdays.” In this blog we will be talking of the pros and cons or maybe even positives and negatives of all things photography.  

    Now before you go all BLECH! Tech stuff! (Though I cant promise from Boyd’s end there wont be some “techy stuff,” if you have met him you know! Sorry Boyd ;).  I (Gabby) plan to talk about some fun topics such as: Cupcakes or a wedding cake? Let her pick the ring or Surprise her? Newborns: Glitter or natural? Family sessions: In your own back yard or at the park? etc…

    Now in no way are these stories meant to say one is better than the other. Mostly just share on what we have seen personally or even experienced. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on what you would pick.  The purpose of this blog is to help us grow as photographers as we hear feedback from you and to make sure we stay Hip and Fun! (Such a mom thing to say *sigh) 

If you want leave a comment of a topic you would like us to talk about *Photography related* please do and we will get to is as soon as we can! As a side note please leave God honoring comments that encourage and spark curiosity not hate or judgement!

-Thanks Boyd and Gabby

“This or That Thursdays” Should she pick the ring or SURPRISE!

    Ok so i guess this one really depends on the lady. Some women need to have things planned out and ready to go and others love the thrill and rush of all things new and surprising.  

Which are you?


I am the former.


When I knew Boyd would be the man I would marry I already had gears turning as to what kind of ring I wanted on my hand for the rest of my life. I wanted to make sure I picked the “perfect ring.” Ring shopping was so NOT like the movies. Imagine: Girl walks in sees the perfect one instantly and the bond begins, she places it on her finger AND……well you get it. That was not the case for me.  We shopped around and around and around. 

        Another issue I had with the whole thing was up selling and really annoying clerks. Every store we went into was like lions ready for the kill. Get that women with her eyes on the sparklies and say everything to get her to BUY she must BUY!!!!….Ok I’m done. But seriously.

Finally we stopped at a cute shop in Kings Mountain, NC Called “Dellingers.” Recommended by a dear friend of mine. This quaint little shop in Kings Mountain was such a different experience. (Dellingers in no way presented themselves as super pushy so kudos to you guys, probably why we bought my ring there.) The clerks helping weren't pushy, nor trying to convince me to get a ring WAY over our (Boyd’s) Budget.

    No I did not have this earth shaking window shattering epiphany of the perfect ring.  The ring I currently have I actually tried on, hated it and moved on.  But like my wedding dress, which is another story to tell, I couldn't get that ring out of my mind.  So before giving up once again I tried it on. Ok so maybe it was a little bit of a strange feeling, or maybe just me ready to get this painful process over with, I said yes to the ring.

    Only catch was it needed to be shortened (The owner just got it in and it was like an eiffel tower on your hand.) I didn’t care, I knew that was what I wanted on my hand and Boyd agreeing to my “this one!, this one!” and probably twinkles in my eyes, handed the man his card. 

    How I officially got the ring on my finger (the proposal) will be another story for another day, I say that a lot ;), but I now proudly wear it as a symbol of commitment to God and Boyd.

    And its officially called “my Lord of the rings, ring.” Because I am nerdy and it has a beautiful swirly pattern that makes me think of the movies.

    Now, after having that experience and being married for 3 years I look back and think, “Hmm would I have wanted Boyd to just guess and get me a ring?” Then surprise me instead? A girl loves a good romantic moment with the trill of the surprise. Though knowing Boyd so well and being able to read him like an open book I don't think he would have been able to keep it from me for long. :)

    The surprise feeling you would have from seeing the guy you know you want marry dropping to one knee or standing thats ok too, not sure why a guy has to kneel then awkwardly try and get back up after proposing when he probably cant move because he is so nervous is a thing. Would probably be a moment you would never forget. (At least I hope not.) 

    Not having much experience with the “surprise” side of the this or that, this section is mostly based on speculation and movies lol.  SO thats were you come in! Tell me! I would love to hear your story. Leave it in the comments! How did he do it? What did it feel like? Was the ring perfect? or did you have to nicely say lets go exchange it? Tell us your story! 

-Boyd and Gabby