Nutcracker 2017---Please read before signing up!

Hi everyone! Its that time of the year again. Studio sessions will be held October 23-28 (Not including Wednesday.) We are having them a bit sooner this year as some of you know we are expecting our 2nd child mid-November SURPRISE! So we will be needing to finish up your photos before that time. :)

~Again the sitting fee will be $12/student for 10 minutes with ONE costume.

~When we are finished editing your child's photos you will receive an email to order prints and digital downloads.



***This year we would like to offer a special PRE-order digital download deal which will include:

-The sitting fee is waved!! Woo! Who doesn't like a discount?!

-Your own personal online gallery sent directly to your email.

-Free digital downloads of your child's photos. 

-AND a Print release (meaning you will be allowed to have a 3rd party print your pictures, walmart, cvs, sams, etc...and not be required to print through us.)

~~~For a SET price of Only $80~~~

You will choose this as an option when signing up for your child's session.

-PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order of your child's photos and is NON-refundable after your child is photographed.

-Sessions will still be 10 minutes/student with ONE costume

-You are not required to choose the digital download option for each costume. For example: If your child is a party girl AND Spanish and you know you want ALL the poses from Spanish with the digital download deal you do NOT have to sign up for the party girl outfit the same way. You can choose the normal sitting fee of $12 and order prints and downloads through the normal ordering gallery. Please Email us at if you have any questions or confusion about how to sign up your child. :)

~If you have multiple children please try to sign them up back to back if you would like pictures of them together. *(If you want the digital download deal for multiple children, it will be $80/child.)*

***If you/your child has more than one costume we require that you sign up for more than one time slot. From past experience 1 time slot is not enough time for students to change and get back before interfering with the next students slot. Thanks!*** 


~Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to get dressed and ready for your session. Your child's costume will need to be signed in/out. If you are not on time for your session but the next student is ready, it is up to our discretion to switch your time slots to save time and be more efficient.  

~Remove any unwanted nail polish, makeup, stickers, marks, stains etc... 

~Ensure pointe shoes and tights are in the condition you would like them to be photographed. 

~Please refrain from any and all photography during your/your children's session. No cellphone photography or the like. You will be asked to sign a copyright understanding and consent form. 

~If you need partner shots please choose so in the drop down menu. (If you want the digital download deal with partner shots please choose the $80 option and leave a comment indicating so.

Need to order from a previous performance? Click this link to be directed to our Gallery Page: