Hi Friends,

If you or anyone you now would like video done at your ceremony please contact us for more details and pricing.  We do ask that you keep in mind that although we do enjoy both Photography and Video, they are two SEPARATE requests.  So that being said we want to serve you in the best way we can.  With either photos or video.   However, we are more than willing to suggest excellent and capable other photographers and videographers should you choose us for one or the other.  The reason we emphasize the separation is to ensure you get the best quality and job done for your big day.  A photographer can do video and a videographer can so stills, but you will be served much better when they are able to focus exclusively on one or the other. 

We hope you enjoyed looking at our portfolio and we look forward to hearing from you :)

-The Johnsons

What a joy is was to be apart of Katie and William's big day! Such a beautiful and elegant ceremony. The venue they chose was a very rustic old mill (Laboratory Mill, Lincolnton NC.) We learned they opened this venue about 2 years ago and plan to expand and add in a full kitchen.  We really loved how close to the river it was.  As you will see at the start of the video.